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Refunds - Warranty - Terms of Use


Refunds must be approved. Shipments made to us without approval may not be accepted. Refunds are prorated from the date of purchase and are limited to the replacement of goods or the invoiced amount being refunded.


The longevity of our products is determined by their material specifications and can be expected to last a standard amount of time under normal conditions. Please refer to your estimate and/or invoice to ascertain the coverage provided by your warranty. If, despite normal usage, the product fails within the specified timeframe, we will gladly offer a refund or replace the item. The warranty rates are calculated proportionally starting from the date of purchase.

Terms of Use: 

We acknowledge that we cannot prevent you from utilizing copyrighted images and materials. We assume that any content you share with us is being used legitimately, either because you own the artwork or have obtained permission to use it. By accessing our website, you agree to comply with all copyright laws applicable in the country where you use our services. We cannot be held liable for any usage of copyrighted images, trademarks, or logos. Please note that the images we design and produce may or may not reflect our viewpoint, and we do not endorse any specific imagery unless explicitly stated. Additionally, we understand that any use of signs or materials provided by Crusader Signs is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. This includes obtaining necessary permits, insurance, registered images, printing costs, and assuming liability for their usage.


Certain signs may require a permit, while others may not. Additionally, there are usually restrictions imposed on the usage of most signs. It is important to note that obtaining permits for signs is the sole responsibility of the property owner. We do not facilitate the application process for permits on behalf of our customers, nor is it included as part of our services. 

By purchasing our products, the buyer agrees to abide by the laws of British Columbia regarding the "Hold-Harmless" agreement. This agreement encompasses all activities, contracts, leases, or transactions related to the purchase and/or use of our products. It is essential to acknowledge that any damages resulting from the usage of our products fall under the buyer's complete responsibility. 

Please note that cash refunds are subject to limitations based on the invoice amount. Purchasers are identified through their provided email address.